ACCT& 203: Principles of Accounting III

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General Elective

Covers topics and concepts related to internal decision-making for business, to help managers use accounting information to make decisions and achieve control. Topics include an introduction to management theory and concepts, cost terminology, costing techniques, cost behavior, cost-volume-profit considerations, segment analysis, budget analysis, pricing, incremental analysis, and capital budgeting.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics

  • Basic management theory and principles.
  • Cost terminology related to a manufacturing environment.
  • Job-Order, Process, and Activity-Based Costing.
  • Cost-Volume-Profit analysis including break-even and target pricing.
  • Cost structure.
  • Variable costing.
  • Budgeting techniques and standard costing.
  • Quality Management Principles.
  • Ethical dilemmas and decision-making.
  • Segment analysis and decentralization including cost centers, return on investment, and residual income.
  • Product pricing, both external and internal (transfer pricing).
  • Differential analysis and relevant decision-making.
  • Capital Budgeting.