Admission and Registration

Updated on: Thursday, September 29, 2022

Wenatchee Valley College maintains an open enrollment policy for all students who are high school graduates, have earned a General Education Development (GED®) certificate or are at least 18 years of age. Otherwise, they may apply for special admission.

All new students must complete an application for general admission to Wenatchee Valley College. Returning students must complete a student information update form in place of an application.

Some instructional programs, including allied health, Running Start and international programs, have special application procedures which must be met before a student can be accepted into those specific programs.

View the Apply tab on our website at for more details, or contact the admission/registration office at 509-682-6806 (Wenatchee) or 509-422-7803 (Omak). For allied health admission information, see our website or call 509-682-6844 (Wenatchee) or 509-422-7952 (Omak). For Running Start, see our website or call 509-682-6920.

New students at WVC will meet with a college navigator. Learn more at Faculty advisers will be assigned for them in the following quarters.

For current or former students, their registration time is available through the WVC website. They must meet with their faculty adviser before their registration time. The student is responsible for contacting their adviser for an advising appointment.

Both admission and registration can be accomplished through the WVC website ( or in-person. Students may register for up to six credits, by completing a registration form (application not required). Students must have an application on file in order to register for seven credits or more.

General Admission

Admission to WVC entitles students to enroll in college classes. Some instructional programs have special application procedures which must be met before students can be accepted into that program.

If a student is participating in intercollegiate athletics, they must submit an official high school transcript.

Placement is required if a student is seeking a college degree or certificate or if they are taking math or English in college for the first time. Contact the testing center to sign up for assessment at 509-682-6830 (Wenatchee) or 509- 422-7800 (Omak).

Students are not required to submit an application for admission if they are taking six credits or fewer at WVC, though they won’t receive a registration time or be able to register online if admissions/registration does not have a current application on file.

Returning Students

Students returning to WVC after an absence of a quarter or more (excluding summer) are required to submit a student information update form in order to be able to register for classes.

Enrollment Deadlines

New WVC students (including transfer students) who submit an application after the quarterly due date, two weeks before classes begin, will be admitted for the following quarter. For example, if a student applies after the fall-quarter tuition due date, they will not be admitted for fall but for the following winter quarter instead. Additionally, if they are a new WVC student who wants to register for more than six credits, they must go through the mandatory intake placement and advising process before the application due date. If the student fails to meet this deadline, they will need to wait and register for classes for the following quarter, regardless of how early they submitted an application to WVC.

Exceptions to this policy may be considered with approval from a college navigator or, for students pursuing a professional/technical program, the program director.

Admission Fee

There is no admission fee for undergraduate programs There is a non-refundable, one-time $50 application fee for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Bachelor of Applied Science-Engineering Technology. This fee can be paid in-person or over the phone. Contact the cashier’s office: 509-682-6500 or

Admission Options

Prospective students can complete the application for admission to WVC in the following ways:

Apply Online - Apply online through the WVC website ( Applicants may save the application at any time and return later to complete it, so long as they remember their user ID and password that they create when using the online application process. Once the applicant has completed the application, they will be able to send it to the admissions/ registration office immediately.

Apply By Mail - Print a WVC application for admission from the college website and apply via U.S. mail or fax. Applications should be sent to the admission/registration office located on either the Wenatchee or Omak campus, depending on which one they plan to attend.

Apply In Person - Complete the application in person at
the admission/registration office. A student services staff member will be available to answer questions about enrolling.

ctcLink ID numbers

WVC students will be assigned a ctcLink Identification Number or ctcLink ID. This ID is a unique identifier, that will be paired with a password that you will set up to gain access to your student information, records and other tools like registration, credit evaluation, Canvas, graduation, andtranscripts. Because this information is highly confidential and protected, WVC strongly advises that you keep them private. Students can change their password at the login screen for ctcLink or by calling the WVC Help Center: 509-682-6550.

Note that due to privacy regulations WVC staff are not allowed to give out your ctcLink ID to anyone besides you. You can look up your ctcLink ID by visiting the MyWVC 2.0 portal and entering the email that you entered when you applied. If you have issues, please contact the Help Center.


Check the academic calendar on the website for registration start dates.

Mail-in and Walk-in Registration

Mail-in or walk-in registration is available only to those students who are enrolling in six credits or fewer.

Fill out all of the blanks on the registration form. Incomplete forms will be returned. Students can print a form from the registration page on the WVC website, If a class requires an instructor’s signature as a prerequisite, the student must have the instructor sign the registration form. Mail your completed registration form along with your check to the WVC Admission/Registration office. Please inquire at the cashier’s office for payment.

Mail-in or walk-in registrations are not processed until continuing and former WVC students have been allowed to register.

Online Registration

Registration through the WVC website is available to any student with a current application on file. If a student has not attended WVC for more than a quarter (excluding summer), they will need to submit a student information update form to access Web registration. The following students, however, will need to register in person:

  • Students taking ABE, ESL or high school equivalency classes
  • Students registering on a space-available tuition waiver

To access online registration, students will need their Student Identification number (SID).

Registration Times

For continuing and former students, use the MyWVC Portal to find out their registration time. Students may register at their assigned time or any time thereafter.
Note for former students: If you have not attended college for more than one quarter (excluding summer), you need to complete a student information update form in order to register. Contact the admissions/registration office if you have questions.

Registration times are normally established in the following manner: continuing students register first, along with former students who have submitted a new application. Times are based on the number of credits earned while at WVC.

WVC offers priority registration for veterans and their spouses. It is always the first day of registration at 6:30 a.m.

New students have a registration hold released once they have met with a college navigator.

These procedures are subject to change at any time. Refer to the student calendar for specific dates for each quarter.

Full-Time Student Status

The number of credits that a student must attempt in a quarter to be considered a full-time student varies according to their student status (i.e., veteran, student athlete, financial aid recipient or international student). Students should consult with the admissions/registration office or financial aid office to see if they qualify as a full- time student.

The state of Washington sets 10 credits as the minimum for full-time tuition. For financial aid purposes, however, 12 credits is required for full-time status. Fifteen credits a quarter is a typical full-time class load. Professional/ technical students, however, are often required to take more than 15 credits.

Adding Classes

Students may add classes through the first 10 days of each quarter. After the second day, the instructor’s written approval is required.

Withdrawing from Classes or College

The last day to withdraw from classes each quarter is specified on the official student calendar, printed at the front of this publication and on our website. The student is responsible for withdrawing from classes. Failure to formally withdraw from class will normally result in a failing grade. Instructors have the authority to administratively withdraw a student who does not attend class during the first two days of the quarter.

To withdraw from a class or the college, students must withdraw online, or complete the course change form found in the admission/registration office located
in Wenatchi Hall on the Wenatchee campus or the administration office in Omak. The withdrawal is effective on the date the completed forms are received. Students should not assume they will be dropped for non-attendance. If the student stops attending classes but does not withdraw, they will still be responsible for the payment of any tuition and fees.

Courses that are dropped during the first 10 days of the quarter are not included on student transcripts. Classes dropped after the 10th day and through the 35th day of the quarter will be recorded with a “W” on the transcript. For courses with unusual starting and ending dates, the instructor’s written consent is required to withdraw after the 10th day of instruction and through the last day of the course. No withdrawals will be accepted after a course has ended.

If a student was unable to withdraw before the deadline and feel they have extenuating circumstances, they should contact the admission/registration office before the last day of the quarter about the late withdrawal procedure.

More information about the WVC refund policy may be found at

Class Waitlists

Waitlists adjust daily. Classes are filled in the order that students placed themselves on the waitlist. The waitlist stops adjusting two business days before the beginning of the quarter. Students on a waitlist will be sent a notification to their WVC email upon successful enrollment into the course they were on the waitlist for.

Auditing Classes

Students may choose to audit a class unless they are a Running Start student. An audit exempts them from examinations, but the instructor may require reasonable attendance and class participation. No college credit is received for an audited class. Regular tuition charges will apply. Financial aid will not be awarded for audited classes. Changing a class from audit to credit is permitted only through the 10th day of the quarter. Changing from credit to audit is permitted until the end of the 35th day. The instructor’s written approval is required to change to an audit after the second day of instruction.

More Information

More information about admissions and registration, as well as forms and instructions, are available on our website at or from the admission/registration office at 509-682-6806. This includes information on late registration, adding classes, dropping classes, withdrawing from college, auditing classes, grade reports and transcripts.

Continuing Education

Students may register any time for continuing education classes by mail, by phone (with a debit or credit card), in person or online. Please see the continuing education website at for more details.

Senior Citizens

After the fifth instructional day of the quarter, but before the 10th day, anyone over 60 years of age may register for most credit classes for a special tuition rate of $5 per class. Registration is on a space-available basis for a maximum of two classes per quarter. This special tuition rate is only for Washington residents (who have been domicile in Washington for 12 or more months). Seniors who would like the tuition discount must register in-person. If a senior does not want the senior discount, they can sign up on the first day of class at full price and may receive credit for the class.

Note: Seniors are registered to “audit” the class. There will be no transcript record for classes taken on a space-available basis. These classes do not qualify for transfer or toward a WVC degree.