AGRI 130: Agricultural Technologies

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Restricted Elective
Explores the significant aspects of modern agricultural systems, mechanization and sustainable technology industries. Instruction will include such topics as cropping and food processing, power and delivery, mechanics, maintenance and repair, soil, water, air conservation and employment and careers in agricultural technologies and related industries.
Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Agricultural Cropping & Processing Systems
  2. Soil, Water & Air Sustainable Conservation Concepts
  3. Calibration, Yield Mapping & Measurement
  4. Agricultural Power, Energy & Delivery Systems
  5. Agricultural Safety & Management
  6. Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
  7. Food Processing & Distribution Systems
  8. Electronics, Pneumatics & Hydraulics
  9. Storage, Environmental Controls & Refrigeration Mechanics, Maintenance & Repairs
  10. Careers & Career Pathways in Ag. Mech. & Technologies