AIIS 203: Introduction to AIIS Literature

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Exploration of the literary diversity of contemporary Indigenous authors, including novels, autobiographies, short stories, and poetry. Consideration of how these texts are used as a means of Indigenous expression and resistance to colonization. Texts include those from pivotal authors such as N. Scott Momaday, Vine Deloria, Jr., and Louise Erdrich.

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  1. Indigenous literature as:
    1. A channel of exploration and expression of Indigenous identity
    2. A means of analyzing and understanding historical and contemporary issues within Indigenous communities
    3. A tool for revitalizing and maintaining Indigenous knowledges, practices, and languages
    4. An instrument of resistance to historical and contemporary pressures of colonization
    5. A method for educating non-Indigenous communities on the Indigenous experience
  2. Indigenous literature at a national level as well as at a local level
    1. Authors such as N. Scott Momaday, Vine Deloria, Jr., and Louise Erdrich, as well as more-local authors such as Jeannette Armstrong, Wendell George, and Elizabeth Woody