ANTH& 100: Survey of Anthropology

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Social Science

A general introduction to the four fields of anthropology: biological anthropology, archaeology, anthropological linguistics, and sociocultural anthropology. The approach will be holistic, scientific and social. Students will be challenged to reexamine their perceptions of the relationships between the biological and culturally defined human experience.

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  1. Ethnocentrism and cultural relativism as it pertains to understanding contemporary cultural diversity: subsistence, race, ethnicity, kinship and descent, gender, religion.
  2. Evolutionary theory, science and the scientific method.
  3. The living non-human primates.
  4. The primate and hominine record over the past 65 million years.
  5. Race as a non-biological but cultural construct.
  6. Human cultural evolution over the past 3 million years as exemplified by the archaeological record.
  7. Artifact interpretation for status, gender, technology and status identifications and interrelationships
  8. Language for communication
  9. Language as defining and reinforcing status, gender, race and ethic identities
  10. Culture and food procurement
  11. Tools within culture for addressing human development, kinship, resource distribution and leadership