ANTH& 204: Archaeology

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Social Science

Introduction to human cultural evolution as revealed by the interpretations of the material remains of our cultural past. Includes a critical look at the history of archaeology, its methodology and the accompanying analysis of data that focuses on cultural change.

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Core Topics


  1. The relationship of Archaeology to the discipline of Anthropology.
  2. Epistemology: Culture, science, archaeology and evolutionary theory.
  3. Establishment of Human Antiquity in the Old World and in the Americas.
  4. Culture History, New Archaeology and Evolutionary Archaeology.
  5. How Archaeology works: fieldwork, the nature of the Archaeological Record, Dating Techniques.
  6. Peopling of the New World.
  7. Culture Resource Management (CRM).
  8. NAGPRA (Native American Graves and Repatriation Act 1991).