ART 134: Introduction to Graphic Design

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Humanities with Performance

Introductory studio inquiry into graphic communication, including concepts and practical applications of traditional and contemporary visual art. Covers symbols, typography, information design, visual concepts and three-dimensional graphic design. Lectures, readings, demonstrations, slide presentations and group exercises are applied to visual problem solving, using digital hardware and software tools.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Study and become more visually and verbally literate through understanding the theory, history and culture of graphic communications.
  2. Discuss and analyze graphic communication techniques for magazines, newspapers, advertising, animation, branding, television and film, photography, illustration, marketing communications, interactive multimedia, the Web
  3. Investigate the balance between visual communication theory, fine art history, creative strategy, case studies, and the practical art of graphic design.
  4. Study the behind-the-scenes creative struggles and solutions of dynamic visual graphic design solutions that communicate quickly, efficiently, and clearly.