ART 138: Digital Photography

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Meets Degree Requirements For
Humanities with Performance

An introduction to fundamentals of digital photography. Topics include learning to use and understand digital cameras, shooting techniques, lenses, correct exposure, lighting, composition, creative image enhancement and manipulation. Includes instruction on skills useful for graphic design.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Use a camera and accessories to create photographs
    1. Explain the importance of ISO to image quality
    2. Explain the importance of aperture to image quality
    3. Explain the importance of exposure time to image quality
    4. Manipulate focus and zoom settings to produce clear, sharp images
    5. Demonstrate the proper use of camera accessories
    6. Manipulate flashes and other lighting to produce clear, sharp images
    7. Manipulate pictures using digital editing hardware and software
  2. Scanners, Printers, and Photo Manipulation Software
    1. Manipulate scanner settings to affect image quality
    2. Operate digital editing hardware and software
    3. Explain the effect of resolution changes on file size and image quality
    4. Explain the effect of image type on file size and image quality
    5. Modify digital images to improve image quality and/or create special effects
    6. Identify different digital printing media
  3. Demonstrate a comprehension of form and content in photography
    1. Describe shot composition principles
    2. Appraise photographs based on the application of composition principles
    3. Identify images with stopping power
    4. Describe basic visual storytelling principles
    5. Appraise your own work and the work of others for inclusion in a portfolio
    6. Compose selections of work into a portfolio
    7. Appraise photos and essays for potential inclusion in a portfolio
    8. Justify selection and exclusion decisions