ART 236: Graphic Design- Branding

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Humanities with Performance

Capstone class investigates each phase of the branding process through comprehensive coverage of key brand applications in graphic design and advertising. Gain insight into the art of designing individual brand applications: brand identity, promotional design, identification graphics, websites and advertising. Develops strategies for generating ideas and creating brands.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. A thorough guide to conceiving and designing comprehensive branding. Analyze the creative process behind effective visual branding development: advertising strategies and logic; visual problem solving that stresses creativity, organization and symbolic reasoning.
  2. Study the basic visual principles and utilize them for problem solving techniques using the most current digital hardware and software programs.
  3. Investigate the physiology of color characteristics and typographic solutions incorporating textual elements into graphic design products.
  4. Develop successful strategies for conceiving ideas, developing brand constructs and writing creative, design briefs.
  5. A thorough examination of developing strategy with an emphasis on innovatively applying various creative and design briefs.
  6. Understand the value of a thorough design process where multiple ideas are explored and formally presented for discussion, analysis, and critique.
  7. Resolve the design process for solving any branding problems and formulating branding concepts and brand constructs.