ART 110: Drawing I

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Meets Degree Requirements For
Humanities with Performance

Introduction to the principles of drawing from observation. Investigation of proportion, modeling and perspective with various drawing media.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics

Measure and proportion, including:


  • Regular measure processes (natural and man-made subject on 4x4 grid),
  • Variable measure processes (symmetrical and asymmetrical subject),
  • Active and passive shapes (natural and man-made subject)

Line, including:


  • Contour
  • Expressive and Analytical Line

Foreshortening and perspective, including:


  • Foreshortening of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional subjects
  • Vanishing point perspective of 1-point perspective subjects and 2-point perspective subjects

Light and shadow, including:


  • Chiaroscuro on simple volumes
  • Chiaroscuro on complex volumes
  • Textures and material surfaces (textured, metallic and transparent subjects)
  • Indirect light and tenebroso (indirect light on volumes and tenebrosos light on volumes)