ART 111: Figure Drawing I

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Humanities with Performance

Introduction to the principles and processes of drawing the human figure. Investigation of proportion, gesture and composition with various drawing media from live models.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics

Human figure measure and proportion, including:


  • Ideal proportions and subdivisions (face and head, body and limbs)
  • Natural proportions (face and head, body and limbs)
  • Male and female proportions (musculature and proportions)

Human gesture and position, including:


  • Contrappasto (simple weight-shift of standing and leaning axial asymmetry and complex weight-shift of seated and reclining axial assymmetry)
  • Axial/spatial twisting (axiel twist of standing, sitting and reclining figure)

Foreshortening of the human figure, including:


  • Studies of individual limbs, face and head, reclining figure and standing figure.

Composition and the human figure, including:


  • Study of light and shadow (studies of the figure in indirect light, directional light, and figure and ground continuity), white on black rendering and color rendering.
  • Integration with planar structure (observed figure composed toward regular planar modulation and established regular planar modulation composed toward human figure)