ART 141: Illustration I

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Meets Degree Requirements For
Humanities with Performance

Introduction to the study of techniques and methods used in illustration. Concentrated practice in working with available media and techniques, with emphasis on the use of design elements in creating effective graphics for visual advertising and journalistic communications.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Visual Literacy
  2. Design Principles for Application on Illustration Projects
    1. Balance
    2. Harmony
    3. Contrast
    4. Rhythm
    5. Pattern
  3. Design Elements for Application on Illustration Projects
    1. Line
    2. Shape
    3. Value
    4. Color
    5. Texture
  4. Mastery of Illustration Materials
    1. Paint
    2. Pencil - graphite and colored
    3. Inks, dyes
    4. Markers
    5. Conte crayon, pastels
  5. Subjects of Illustration
    1. Advertising
    2. Product
    3. Scientific (technical) illustrations
    4. Editorial
  6. Understanding the Problem
    1. Communicating with Clients
    2. Finding references
    3. Developing the concept
  7. Developing the Sketch: finding the unique point of view and expression
  8. Experimenting with style
  9. Professional Presentation of the Illustration
    1. Communicating the message effectively
    2. Displaying strong techniques and use of materials.