ART 256: Sculpture: Advanced

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Meets Degree Requirements For
Humanities with Performance

Advanced Sculpture builds upon skills from previous sculpture classes, developing greater technical and conceptual skills in three-dimensional visual art practices. Students develop a sophisticated body of three-dimensional work, and a directed, productive approach to studio practice.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics

The course will combine instructor lectures and student driven research. The instructor works with students to outline and design a body of artwork that provide skills and experiences working in a number of different materials. The student will also develop his/her own projects. The work created during the course of the quarter will display advanced understanding and facility with the following:


  1. Visual elements:
    • Functions of mass, volume and line in the sculptural object
    • Movement and emphasis
    • Style vs. Function in form
    • Figure-ground relationship (positive/negative space)
    • Surface Treatment (pattern, texture, color and finish)
    • Studio resources and time management
    • Architectural volume
    • Visual Display (free-standing form, form with base and wall-mounted form)
  2. Sculpture processes:
    • Subtractive
    • Additive
    • Modeling
    • Casting
  3. History and theory of sculpture.