Associate in Arts and Sciences - Direct Transfer Agreement Requirements

Updated on: Thursday, September 22, 2022

This section contains the graduation requirements and approved courses for the WVC transfer degrees. As students are planning their education, they should be aware that the associate in arts and sciences direct transfer agreement (AAS-DTA) degree is designed for transfer with junior standing to a four-year college. If
a student pursues this degree, they should plan their WVC schedule in accordance with the requirements of the college to which they plan to transfer. The following guidelines apply to the AAS-DTA degree:

  • The college reserves the right to add or delete courses or change the quarter in which courses are offered.
  • Courses taken to satisfy one requirement of the AAS-DTA degree may not be used to satisfy another requirement of the degree.
  • Courses accepted by transfer institutions within a completed AAS-DTA degree will not necessarily be accepted without the AAS-DTA degree.
  • If a student requests any waiver of graduation requirements, they must submit a general petition to the WVC Registrar (see Academic Regulations Committee). Petition forms are available from the admission/registration office.
  • Students may complete a maximum of 10 credits on a pass/fail basis at WVC. This does not include academic credit for prior learning (ACPL) options.
  • The WVC Academic Regulations Committee may approve courses not found in this catalog for use in satisfying AAS-DTA degree requirements. Petition forms are available from the admission/registration office.
  • New graduation requirement: Starting fall 2018, new students seeking an AAS-DTA degree from WVC will need to take a minimum of 5 credits of diversity courses as part of the 90 credits required to graduate. Visit for more information.
  • 2.0 GPA or higher required to graduate