BIOL& 213: Majors Animals

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Natural Science with Lab

Covers the structure and function of animals. Evolution and ecology of animals introduced in the beginning, then integrated throughout in a survey of the major animal systems. Animal anatomy, physiology, ecology and evolution emphasized. Recommended for science majors, especially biology and pre-professional majors. Includes laboratory.

Grading Basis

BIOL& 211 with grade of "C" (2.0) or better

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics

An in depth treatment of the process of animal evolution and the scientific theories used to explain it comprise the first two weeks. A historical approach is used in the first week, with modern implications and an introduction to the mathematics of measuring evolution the second week. Animal ecology as seen through the illumination of evolution takes about a week. The remainder of the course is a march through the animal systems. Each system is covered using a comparative/evolutionary approach, starting with simple invertebrate examples and concluding with mammals. Systems covered include: histology, integument, skeletal, muscular, osmotic regulation, excretion, temperature regulation, circulation, respiration, immunity, digestive, nervous systems, endocrine systems, reproduction, and development.