BUS& 201: Business Law

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General Elective

Introduction to legal institutions, processes, and legal reasoning. Topics include the law of contracts, torts, agency, sales, negotiable instruments, real property, personal property, business organizations, employment, government regulation, and ethics. Emphasis on legal reasoning, legal theory, and practical applications of legal issues as they relate to business. (Students may not get credit for both BUS 204 and BUS& 201).

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Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Introduction to law, sources of law and legal thinking.
  2. Ethics and social responsibility in business.
  3. Structure of the courts and alternative dispute resolution.
  4. Basic civil procedure.
  5. Introductory international law issues for U.S. consideration.
  6. Constitutional authority to regulate business.
  7. Intentional torts, negligence, strict liability and products liability.
  8. Criminal law and business.
  9. Real property and landlord/tenant law.
  10. Extensive coverage of contracts: elements, analysis, performance, discharge, breach of contract, and contracts in cyber space.
  11. Business organizations (sole proprietorship, partnerships, and corporations) law for small business.
  12. Agency law.
  13. Employment law.
  14. Government regulation and business.
  15. Intro to the UCC, Article 2: Sales and contracts.