CHST 112: Chicano/A History: An American Journey

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Social Science

Examines the Chicano/a (Mexican & Mexican American) experience in North America within a historical context. Beginning with an examination of the pre-Columbian Mesoamerican societies through European conquest and up to 20th century, students will engage in the following areas of scholarly inquiry: Nation development, migration/immigration, race, class, culture, political activism and civil rights.

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Core Topics


  1. Mesoamerican civilizations: Olmec, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Aztec
  2. European Conquest: Ideology and birth of Mestizo
  3. Spanish/Mestizo migration to Northern Mexico (contemporary Southwestern U.S.)
  4. U.S. Expansion: Manifest Destiny, Texan Revolution & War against Mexico.
  5. Consequences of U.S. incursion: Mexicans enter U.S. society as a colonized people.
  6. Development of Chicano/a Identity: La Raza (The People).
  7. Activism: Chicano/a’s seek equality (Magonismo, IWW, Communism, unionism/strikes).
  8. Anti-Mexican: Deportation campaigns, Red Scare, school segregation, and violence.
  9. Civil Rights: Birth of Chicanismo.