Course Numbers and Credit Hours

Updated on: Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Generally, one credit hour is allowed for each hour of lecture, each two hours of lab, or each three hours of clinical experience per week. However, some courses vary from this pattern. Weekly Course Hours listed is for a standard 10 week course. 

Courses numbered below 100 are developmental and not intended for transfer credit. Courses numbered above 100 will generally transfer to four-year colleges or universities, although there are limits to the number of technical credits that can be included in a transfer degree. If a student plans to transfer to a four-year school, they should consult that school’s catalog to verify transferability of WVC courses. Questions regarding the transferability of any course should be directed to the student services department or the admissions/registration office at WVC.

Generally, 200-level courses are more advanced than 100-level courses. If the prerequisite does not specifically require sophomore standing, a freshman student may enroll in a 200-level course.

Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning courses offer a flexible alternative to on-campus classes. Whereas on-campus classes require students to be in a specific classroom at a specific time on specific days, distance learning allows them the convenience of scheduling coursework around job, family or other circumstances that conflict with traditional class scheduling. Course content and college credit are equivalent to on-campus courses, and distance learning courses transfer to other institutions the same as on- campus classes. It is possible to earn an associate of arts and sciences degree through distance learning.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are a blend of an on-campus class and a distance learning online class. These classes will have a specified face-to-face meeting time, which will be significantly less than an on-campus class, and an online component that offers students flexibility in managing their schedules. With hybrid courses, students will not be required to be on campus every day of the week. Course content and college credit are equivalent to on-campus and distance courses. Transfer to other institutions is the same as any other credit classes. Because hybrid courses are writing intensive, students should have good writing skills as well as average keyboarding and word-processing skills (ENGL& 101 is highly recommended). Access to the internet is also required.

Being successful in Online Courses

Online courses enable students to take classes and communicate with instructors and classmates via computer and the internet. To be successful in an online course, students should be able to create, save and manage computer files; know how to send and receive e-mail and e-mail attachments; and know how to download and install software on a computer, if needed. Also, because online courses are writing intensive, students should have good writing skills (ENGL& 101).

is recommended) and average keyboarding and word processing skills. For more information about online courses and technical requirements, visit the WVC website,