ENGL& 235: Technical Writing

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Focuses on communicating technical information. Emphasis is on audience analysis, clear writing style, visual information displays, document design, and ethics in technical writing. Computer use required. Students must earn a grade of 'C' (2.0) or better to apply this course to the Writing Skills requirement for AAS, AST, or DTA.

Grading Basis

ENGL& 101 with a grade of C (2.0) or better

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  • Understanding audience analysis and conveying specialized information from a technical field to a non-specialized audience.
  • Evaluating sources for credibility (author, publisher, date of publication).
  • Understanding, analyzing, and creating visual displays of information, which may include charts, graphs, diagrams, tables, figures, or pictures.
  • Choosing the appropriate type of document and organization for point, purpose, and multiple audience needs.
  • Developing strategies for information design, to include producing visually enhanced documents.
  • Using multi-modal formats to present information.


Rubrics for each type of technical writing document setting standards for idea, organization, development, expression, formatting and layout, documentation, and grammar and syntax.
3-4 original documents (draft, revisions, final version)