ENGL 247: Multicultural Literature

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Study of the cultures that make up the multicultural America as represented in literature. By critically examining the ideals, issues, and questions that are common or unique to each culture, will strive to determine the difference between individual and collective identity and how these differences and commonalities create America.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Exploring the social formation and transformation of identity of self and cultural groups within America or a specific regional area (i.e. by ethnic heritage such as Chicano, African American, Asian American, Jewish American, Native American and Euro-American or by other groupings such as religious, economic, sexual, and heritage demographics)
  2. Building an understanding of race and racism through literature
  3. Reading and analyzing literature from a variety of cultural groups to gain cultural awareness and sensitivity
  4. Examining literature as reflection of the patterns of power and privilege and its effects on cultures.
  5. Responding personally to literature in regards to identity, biases and discrimination
  6. Responding to literature in discussion and writing


Periodic evaluation through student in-class text discussion, papers, and exams.
At least two papers.
At least two exams.