GEOG& 100: Introduction to Geography

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Social Science

Introduction to the study of human geography and the major themes of the discipline. Topics include human-environment interaction, population and migration, cultural diffusion, patterns of health and nutrition, industrialization, economic development, and political geography. These will be approached in the context of regional difference and globalization.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Maps and Spatial Analysis
  2. Natural Resources: fresh water, forests, energy resources
  3. Human/Land Interactions including waste, environmental externalities, and climate change
  4. Population Geography: dynamics, structure, mobility and dislocation
  5. Population and Migration Policies including impacts on gender, race, class, and nationalities
  6. Cultural Diffusion and Diversity in the context of colonialism, imperialism, and inequalities
  7. Geography of World Religions
  8. Patterns of Health and Nutrition
  9. Agricultural Geography: green revolution, GMOs and global food systems
  10. Industrial Location and Globalization
  11. Urbanization in the US and the world
  12. Political Geography
  13. Paths to Developmentā€”economic, human, and sustainable