GEOG& 207: Geography of The Economy

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Social Science

Survey of the field of economic geography, including globalization, economic development, location analysis and economic clusters, rural and urban land use, and spatial aspects of retail. Economic debates and alternative theories examined in historical and current context. Global, regional and local scales employed to explore how production, distribution and consumption of goods and services are geographically organized.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. What is Economic Geography: past and present
  2. Basic economic assumptions, processes, and exceptions
  3. Regional Economies: classifications and growth rates
  4. Economic Development approaches
  5. Uneven Geographies of Globalization
  6. Spaces of Production and Consumption
  7. World Trade, Transportation and Communications: patterns and prospects
  8. Industrial and Retail Location analysis
  9. Global Food Systems and Economic Security Issues
  10. Geographies of the New Service Economy
  11. Sustainable Development and Ecological Economics
  12. Gendered and Ethnic Economies