GEOL 218: Enviromental Geology

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Meets Degree Requirements For
Natural Science

Explore how the earth environment controls human existence and how earth itself changes in response to human activities. Study the determining factors and predict the effects of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods, changing climates and human use of earth's resources of energy, minerals, water and soil.

Grading Basis

MATH 93 or higher

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. earth systems
  2. mineral resources
  3. energy resources
  4. renewable energy
  5. sustainability (sustainable use of earth resources)
  6. pollution—air, atmosphere, soil, groundwater
  7. mining
  8. rivers
  9. floods
  10. drought and desertification
  11. groundwater
  12. soil
  13. volcanoes and volcanic hazards
  14. storm surges
  15. earthquakes and tsunamis
  16. landslides
  17. plate tectonics
  18. climate change
  19. geologic time