High School Programs

Updated on: Wednesday, July 13, 2022

WVC offers several program options for high school students.

Running Start

Running Start is an educational partnership between WVC and the high schools. Running Start was created by the Washington State Legislature to expand educational options for high school students. Running Start students are responsible for quarterly fees. See the Running Start website for details, wvc.edu/runningstart.

College in the High School

High school sophomores, juniors and seniors who
qualify for college-level writing, reading or math based
on approved placement documents may be eligible to participate in the WVC College in the High School program (CHS). Qualified faculty members at local high schools teach CHS classes (the availability of classes varies by location). To be eligible and enrolled in the CHS program, students must follow all regular WVC policies and regulations regarding student performance, behavior and course prerequisites. Students who complete CHS classes earn WVC college credit and those courses also count toward the student’s high school diploma. High school students should ask their school counselors about these courses.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Dual Credit

CTE Dual Credit, previously known as “Tech Prep,” is a nation-wide dual enrollment program that allows high school students to begin preparation for a specific professional/technical field while in high school and then continue with the program at WVC without losing credit or duplicating courses. WVC and high schools within the WVC district have examined their career and technical education programs and established Programs of Study joining the high school programs to the college programs. They determined that certain high school classes in those programs meet the requirements of comparable college courses. Through the CTE Dual Credit program, articulation has been arranged between those classes so that students can receive both high school credit and WVC credit at the same time. High school students should ask their high school teachers or counselors about CTE courses. For more information, visit wvc.edu/ctedualcredit.

The following guidelines apply:

  • CTE Dual Credit credit is first transcripted at the high school, then later entered on the college transcript.
  • The number of credits awarded is dependent upon the high school CTE Dual Credit articulation agreement.
  • A fee for CTE credits has been paid by the school district on behalf of its students.
  • CTE Dual Credit credits are not intended to be transfer credits. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the intended transfer school about the transferability of these credits.

College-Based High School Diploma - SHB 1714

According to Washington State SHB 1714 (effective July 2019), individuals who enroll at a community college and complete an associate degree (two-year degree) of any type may also submit a written request and be awarded a high school diploma from the college. The law is retroactive and is valid both before and after the law went into effect. All students who completed an associate degree at the college at any time may request a high school diploma if the graduate is either (a) 16 years and older or (b) has been a Running Start student at any time prior to earning the associate degree.

Any type of associate degree (academic, vocational or academic non-transfer) can be used when applying for this diploma. The associate degree must be posted on the student’s WVC transcript before the high school diploma can be awarded. Certificates may not be used for thisdiploma.

This bill is not retroactive for all former Running Start students. If an associate degree is awarded after July 26, 2009, a former Running Start student may request the college-based high school diploma anytime in the future.

Diplomas awarded will be posted for the same year- quarter that the associate degree was earned.

High School+ Diploma program

The High School+ (HS+) program enables adults 18 years and older to earn the credit needed to obtain a high school diploma. Even if a student already has a GED®, they can still work to obtain their high school diploma.

The WVC High School+ Diploma is a bona fide high school diploma issued from the State of Washington through WVC. Our diploma meets the Washington state high school graduation requirements. High School+ courses do not count toward a future college degree or certificate.

To enter the program, contact the WVC Transitional Studies program at 509-682-6790. If a student previously attended high school, they must obtain an official, sealed copy of their high school transcript(s) for evaluation. The program staff will make a determination regarding the number of credits required for a diploma. If an evaluation of a students transcript(s) indicates that they already have enough high school credits for a diploma, they will still be required to complete WVC’s residency requirements (minimum of 10 ABE credits) before a diploma will be issued. Prior learning experiences and professional certifications may also be submitted for consideration for high school credit under this program.

Once credit requirements are determined, the student will register for adult basic education classes. The total cost per quarter for High School+ is $35 ($25 tuition, $10 fees).