HIST& 116: Western Civilization I

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Social Science

An introduction to the foundations of Western Civilization from the Neolithic Revolution until the collapse of the Western Roman Empire (476 A.D.). Emphasis will be given to the development of Western society, political ideas, social constructs, cultural attributes and religions traditions.

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Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  • Hunter-Gatherer Societies of the Near East and North Africa
  • The Neolithic Revolution
  • The Impact of Farming on Human societies
  • Sumerian Civilization
  • The Akkadians
  • The Babylonians and the Assyrians
  • Mesopotamian political structures
  • Mesopotamian religious beliefs and practices
  • Development of science
  • Origins of Egyptian Civilization
  • The Old Kingdom
  • The Middle Kingdom
  • The New Kingdom
  • Egyptian engineering and architecture
  • Egyptian political structures
  • Egyptian Religion
  • The Development of Judaism
  • The Persian Empire
  • Zoroastrianism
  • Minoan Civilization
  • Mycenaean Civilization
  • The Greek Dark Ages
  • The Archaic Age
  • The Polis and Greek Society
  • Classical Greece
  • Alexander and the Hellenistic Era
  • Greek Religion and Philosophy
  • Greek Colonialism
  • The Origins of Roman Civilization
  • The Roman Republic
  • Patricians and Plebians
  • The Roman Empire
  • The Development of Christianity
  • The Adaptation and Spread of Christianity
  • The Collapse of the Western Roman Empire