HIST 230: History/First Peoples of The Plateau Region

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Social Science

Survey of the political, economic, social and spiritual changes affecting the 12 diverse nations of the Confederated Tribes on the Colville Reservation.

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Core Topics


  1. History of: nimípu (Nez Perce), palus (Palouse), sn?ickst (Lakes), senp?wilx (San Poil), nspilem (Nespelem), sxwy?ilp (Colville), metawu (Methow), sukwna?quinx (Okanogan), skwuw?axcin (Moses-Columbia), np’eskwaw’s (Wenatchee), cel’an (Chelan), nt’iyatkw (Entiat).
  2. ‘Place’ as identity and history.
  3. Indigenous scientific documentation of the world through oral history before European contact.
  4. Sociological, political, ideological and economic impacts of first European contact on the twelve Nations of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation.
  5. Living oral traditions as recounted by the carriers of the cultures.
  6. Key U.S. legislation that has impacted the history of the twelve Nations.
  7. The impact on the history and cultures of the First Peoples of the Plateau Region when different cultural systems came into contact with one another:
    1. Early exploration and expansion
    2. Removal theories
    3. Indian treaties and executive orders