HIST 261: Latin America: History Through Revolution

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Social Science

This course utilizes a thematic approach-revolutions-to historically analyze the diverse societies in Latin America.

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Core Topics


  1. Background: Why did the revolution occur? What were the circumstances that led to revolutionary action? (Historical Context)
  2. The Revolution: Who were the primary combatants and goals? (Reaction to both internal and external hegemony)
  3. United States (The hegemony): What role, either directly or indirectly, did the U.S. play in each revolution? (cause and outcome)
  4. Outcome: What was achieved? Did the ends, justify the means? Alternatives?
  5. United States Foreign Policy and effects on Latin America: Monroe Doctrine, Imperialism, Big Stick Diplomacy (Roosevelt Corollary), Self-Determination, Good Neighbor Policy, Anti-Communism (Domino Theory).
  6. Latin American Independence vs. U.S. economic interests
  7. Latin American sovereignty in the Cold War era.