HIST 271: Eastern World History-Southeast Asia

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Social Science

An introduction to the history of Southeast Asia from the earliest civilizations until the 20th century. Emphasis is placed on understanding the development of Southeast Asian cultures and societies, as well as charting the emergence of the modern countries that are found in the region.

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Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Geography and Prehistory
  2. Prehistoric Cultures
  3. Indian and Chinese influence, trade, and settlement
  4. The Khmer Civilization
  5. Early Indonesian Civilizations
  6. The Arrival of Islam
  7. The First European Explorers
  8. Consolidating states in Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam
  9. European Imperialism – Origins and Goals
  10. British Imperialism – Burma, Malaysia, and the East Idies
  11. French Imperialism – Cambodia and Vietnam
  12. Dutch Imperialism – Indonesia
  13. The Spanish-American War and American imperialism
  14. Independent Thailand
  15. Comparing the colonial experience in Southeast Asia
  16. Development of Nationalism in Southeast Asia
  17. World War II and Southeast Asia
  18. Decolonization in Southeast Asia
  19. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and the Cold War and Foreign Intervention
  20. Communism and its appeal
  21. Indonesia and its diversity
  22. Burma/Myanmar: Democracy, Dictatorship, and Reform
  23. The Thai Monarch and the Military
  24. Vietnam after the Vietnam War
  25. Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge
  26. Islam and Indonesia
  27. Islam and Malaysia
  28. Contemporary Issues in Southeast Asia