HIST 275: Eastern World History-South Asia

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Social Science

An overview of the history of South Asia from the earliest civilizations until the 20th century. A particular emphasis will be given to describing the development of unique societies and cultures in South Asia. The course will focus primarily upon the peoples and cultures of modern India and Pakistan, but attention will also be given to Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan.

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Core Topics


  1. Geography and Prehistoric Cultures
  2. Indus River Valley Civilization
  3. Indo-Aryan Invasions
  4. Vedic culture and religion
  5. The Upanishads and Buddhism
  6. The Mauryan Empire
  7. Collapse of the Mauryan World
  8. Classical Hinduism
  9. Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism
  10. The Gupta Empire
  11. Arrival of Islam
  12. The Delhi Sultanate
  13. Sikhism
  14. The Mughal Empire
  15. The British East India Company
  16. European Rivalry for India
  17. British East India Company Rule
  18. The Sepoy Rebellion (The Great Rebellion)
  19. The British Raj
  20. Life under the British Raj
  21. Nationalism and the Indian National Congress
  22. Protesting Colonialism
  23. Mohandas Gandhi, Mohammad Jinnah, and Jawaharal Nehru
  24. Independence and its implications
  25. Modern India
  26. Modern Pakistan
  27. Cold War and Foreign Interventions
  28. Caste and Gender issues in Modern India