INDT 137: Metal Fabrication III

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Meets Degree Requirements For
Restricted Elective

Designed to introduce commonly used sheet metal fabrication techniques, including but not limited to: measuring, shearing, bending, lay-out, metal preparation, welding, machines (drills, saws, grinders, brakes, shears) and hand-held specialized sheet-metal tooling. Emphasis placed on the safe use of tooling, pre-planning, proper fitment and the fabrication of structurally sound projects.

Grading Basis

WELD 128 or WELD 131 or WELD 132 or appropriate industry experience (Instructor Permission)

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Safe tool usage
    1. Grinders
    2. Welders
    3. Cutters and shears
    4. Hydraulic punches
    5. Rotating machines
    6. Brakes
  2. Print reading
  3. Fabrication techniques
    1. Use of squares
    2. Use of turnbuckles
    3. Use of measuring tools
  4. Project layout
  5. Metal preparation
  6. Designing CNC style cutting instructions for plasma cutter