MATH& 152: Calculus II

Class Program
Weekly Contact Hours
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Meets Degree Requirements For
Natural Science,
Quantitative Skills

Focuses on definite, indefinite, and improper integrals, techniques of integration and using integration to solve area, volume, work and other application problems.

Grading Basis

MATH& 151 with a grade of C (2.0) or better or appropriate placement score

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics



  1. Area and distance problems using summation
  2. Indefinite and definite integral
  3. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
  4. The substitution rule to anti-differentiate
  5. Using integrals to solve area and volume problems
  6. Using integrals to solve Work and other similar application problems
  7. Integrating fundamental and transcendental functions
  8. Evaluating integrals using techniques of integration including integration by parts, trigonometric substitutions, partial fractions
  9. Review L’Hopital’s Rule
  10. Evaluating improper integrals
  11. (Optional) Using integrals to evaluate arc length, area, and surface area problems
  12. (Optional) Exponential growth and decay problems
  13. (Optional) Integrals for probability and statistics