MATH 200: Finite Mathematics

Class Program
Weekly Contact Hours
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Meets Degree Requirements For
Natural Science,
Quantitative Skills

Survey of the essential quantitative ideas and mathematical techniques used in decision making in a diversity of disciplines. Includes systems of equations and matrices, linear programming, finance, probability and its uses. Additional topics may be included. Graphing calculators will be integrated into the course.

Grading Basis

MATH 140 or MATH&141 with C or better, B or higher in a high school precalculus or calculus class within the past 3 years, a grade of 4 on the Smarter Balanced exam, appropriate placement score, or instructor approval.

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics

  1. Solving and graphing linear equations and inequalities.
  2. Solving and graphing systems of linear inequalities.
  3. Using matrices, their basic operations and row operations to solve applications.
  4. Solving linear programming applications using the graphing and Simplex methods.
  5. Solving finance applications involving simple and compound interest, annuities and mortgages.
  6. Calculating probabilities with the basic properties and with conditional probabilities.
  7. Optional:  Additional topics in probability.
  8. Optional:  Topics from Pre-calculus I to prepare students for Business Calculus.
  9. Optional:  Markov processes