MATH 93: Pre Algebra

Class Program
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Meets Degree Requirements For
Not Intended for Transfer, Typically Numbered Below 100.
Students will review arithmetic with real numbers, work with expressions containing variables, solve linear equations, graph linear equations in two dimensions, calculate slopes and intercepts for lines, and use unit analysis to solve applications. This course prepares students for MATH 098. Concurrent enrollment in SDS 103 is recommended.
Grading Basis
MATH 90 or higher with a grade of C (2.0) or better or ABE 040 with a B- (2.7) or better, or appropriate placement score.

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Review: Arithmetic with real numbers, order of operations.
  2. Use exponent properties through negative exponents to simplify expressions.
  3. Use Scientific Notation:
    • Convert between decimal notation and scientific notation.
    • Perform arithmetic operations on numbers written in scientific notation.
  4. Use Unit Analysis to convert between measurement systems
  5. Translate between algebraic notation and English.
  6. Evaluate algebraic expressions.
  7. Add and subtract polynomials.
  8. Solve linear equations in one variable.
  9. Solve linear inequalities in one variable and use interval notation and set builder notation to write solution sets.
  10. Set up and solve applications involving linear equations including:
    • percents
    • rates and ratios
    • geometry
  11. Compute slopes of lines from points, tables and graphs.
  12. Determine equations of lines in slope-intercept and point-slope given:
    • slope and a point
    • two points
    • graph
    • linear story problem
  13. Graph lines given equations and/or tables.
  14. Determine key components of lines, including slope and intercepts.
  15. Determine if given lines are parallel or perpendicular.
  16. Solve system of linear equations graphically.
  17. Optional: Multiply polynomials.