MUS 116: Introduction to The Music/Audio Technology I

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An introduction and overview to industry music/audio technology. Receive theoretical and practical experience in acoustics, MIDI, digital sequencing, non-destructive digital recording and electronic music publishing.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Acoustic Fundamentals/Microphone Theory
  2. MIDI concepts
  3. Digital Audio Fundamentals
    1. Opening, Navigating and Playing Back Sessions
    2. Recording, Selecting and Playing Audio
      1. punch and loop recording
    3. Using Editing Tools
      1. deleting, copying and moving audio
      2. using fades
      3. using plug-Ins
    4. Importing and Exporting Audio
    5. Basic Mixing
      1. inserts and sends
      2. automated controllers
  4. Electronic Publishing Fundamentals
    1. Document/Template Setup
    2. Note Entry Methods
    3. Editing Notes
    4. Adding/Editing Score Details
    5. Adding/Editing Articulations
    6. Layout/Printing
    7. Guitar Tab
    8. Chords