OCEA& 100: Introduction to Oceanography

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Natural Science

Investigation of the marine environment covering the geological, physical, chemical, biological and environmental processes which occur in the ocean. Topics include perspectives of oceanography, the intertidal zones, plate tectonics, islands, plankton and nekton, marine mammals, and pollution.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics

  1. Survey of the scope of Oceanography - water planet, cosmic origins, historical perspectives, waters of the earth, ocean's edge, the intertidal zone.
  2. Physical environment - continental margins, beyond land's end, plate tectonics, islands, marine meteorology, ocean currents.
  3. Tides, Waves & Introduction to marine life - wind waves and water dynamics, the ebb and flow, plankton, nekton, reptiles & birds, seals & otters.
  4. Marine life, sight & sound - dolphins & whales, living together, light in the sea, sound in the sea, life under pressure, polar seas.
  5. Tropical seas & human interactions - the tropic seas, mineral resources, biological resources, marine pollution, future studies.