PHARM 150: Intro to Pharmacy Compounding

Class Program
Weekly Contact Hours
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Meets Degree Requirements For
Restricted Elective

Students develop proficiency in the skills necessary for successful compounding technique and practice.  Students are introduced to the United States Pharmacopeia’s General Chapter Pharmaceutical Compounding-Non-Sterile Preparations <795> and Sterile Preparations <797>. Student will have simulated lab experience that applies pharmaceutical preparation compounding guidelines. Washington Pharmacy Quality Assurance Committee and Washington Administrative Code (WAC) regulations governing the practice of compounding are emphasized.

Grading Basis

Acceptance into the Pharmacy Technician Program or Instructor Permission

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics

  1. Evolution and overview of aseptic processing.
  2. Core competencies and facilities basics.
  3.  Non- Sterile and Sterile product categorization.
  4. The basics all cleanroom personnel need to know.
  5. Primary and secondary engineering controls.
  6. Compounding basics in laminar airflow systems.
  7. Proper documentation of compounding
  8. Navigating equipment and workflow until the final check.