PHARM 230: Externship III

Class Program
Weekly Contact Hours
Course ID
Meets Degree Requirements For
Restricted Elective
Application of knowledge and skills in an unpaid experience in a hospital, community or similar pharmacy setting.
Grading Basis
Acceptance into the Pharmacy Technician Program or Instructor Permission

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. The pharmacy technician will be able to explain the risks involved in the exposure to hazardous drugs, including the possible relationship between environmental contamination and drug uptake into the body.
  2. The pharmacy technician will be able to describe environmental and ventilation controls used to reduce exposure to hazardous drugs.
  3. The pharmacy technician will review current recommendations regarding use of PPE for safe handling of hazardous drugs during compounding.
  4. The pharmacy technician defines proper aseptic technique in the handling of hazardous drugs.