PHYS& 221: Engineering Physics I

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Natural Science with Lab

The study of kinematics, statics, rotational motion and collisions. Topics include one- and two-dimensional motion for point masses and rigid bodies, conservation laws for momentum and energy, and equilibrium conditions. Laboratory included.

Grading Basis

One year high school physics, MATH&151 or concurrent enrollment.

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Units of measurement and standards; physical quantities; measurement and uncertainty; vectors and their operations.
  2. Motion in one dimension.
  3. Motion in two dimensions; uniform circular motion.
  4. Newton’s laws of motion and their applications.
  5. Work and energy relations.
  6. Conservation of Energy principles.
  7. Momentum and impulse, conservation of linear momentum.
  8. Torque and rotational motion.
  9. Static equilibrium; two conditions.
  10. Rigid body motion; moment of inertia, Conservation of angular momentum