PHYS& 223: Engineering Physics III

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Meets Degree Requirements For
Natural Science with Lab

The study of electrical and magnetic phenomena, starting with electric potential and continuing on into optics and quantum mechanics. Topics include electrostatics, magnetostatics, DC and AC circuit theory, and geometric ray optics. Laboratory included.

Grading Basis

One year of High School physics, PHYS& 222MATH& 153 or concurrent enrollment

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Electric potential; capacitance.
  2. Ohm’s Law; direct current circuits and instruments.
  3. Magnetic fields; magnetic fields created by current carrying conductors.
  4. Induced electric and magnetic fields; magnetic properties of matter.
  5. AC circuits; electromagnetic waves.
  6. Properties of light; the lens equation.
  7. Optical instruments; interference and diffraction; polarization.
  8. Photo-electric effect; atomic spectra.
  9. Probability and uncertainty; wave nature of particles.
  10. Special relativity.