SPAN 231: Spanish for Heritage Learners I

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Emphasis on development of Heritage Spanish language skills learned at home and/or in the community. Covers listening and reading comprehension, development of vocabulary, reviews certain grammar features particular to heritage learners, reinforces knowledge of formal/standard structures of Spanish, and explores issues related to identity/culture to strengthen heritage language skills.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Promote confidence in the use of the Spanish language.
  2. Continue to build students’ vocabulary in Spanish.
  3. Offer a clear, concise, and practical review of grammar features needed to write and to speak correctly in Spanish for heritage speakers.
  4. Reinforce knowledge of the formal or standard structures of Spanish and identify the appropriate settings for informal Spanish.
  5. Familiarize students with the socio cultural and linguistic diversity among Spanish speakers in Latin America and Spain.
  6. Stimulate reflection and discussion of cultural topics through whole-class and group activities. Some of the topics presented in class will be bilingual education, immigration, acculturation and mainstreaming, and the Latino presence in politics.