Student Rights and Responsibilities

Updated on: Monday, August 14, 2023

To improve our college learning environment, all students are asked to work together to promote positive, respectful interactions on our campus. The following “Rights and Responsibilities” suggests the kinds of mutually respectful behaviors that create a healthy learning environment.

Each student has the right to expect a campus climate in which all students:

  • are given the opportunity and encouragement to succeed
  • are treated with dignity and respect
  • demonstrate good manners and courtesies
  • are safe from sexual harassment and discrimination
  • are free to ask for help, anytime.

In addition to rights, each student has a responsibility to:

  • support a learning environment that provides opportunities for all students to succeed
  • prepare mentally and physically to be the best they can be
  • treat all students and staff with dignity and respect
  • exhibit good manners and common courtesies at all times
  • serve as a positive role model for less experienced students
  • respect the property and space of others
  • help keep the campus litter free
  • refrain from swearing and using any inappropriate communication
  • read and abide by the college rules in the student handbook
  • be accountable for your own actions.