ART 234: Graphic Design II

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Meets Degree Requirements For
Humanities with Performance

Studio course covering the process and purpose of graphic design. Projects include developing graphic design solutions for logos, branding, book jackets, packaging, posters, and advertising. Components of the design process including typography, layout, two-dimensional design principles, the job search, and student portfolios will be covered.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Reinforce the basic understanding of the fundamentals of the elements and principles of Design.
  2. Reinforce Graphic Design from the perspective of its components and the stages of Graphic Design Solutions: Strategy, Concept, Design, Productions and Execution.
  3. Study the form and structure of typography and how it applies to page design layout.
  4. Study Visual Identity and Brands (logos/symbols/Pictograms) and Branding.
  5. Introduction of various applications of graphic design from 2-D posters/CD labels/advertising to 3-D packaging Design.