ELTRO 213: Introduction to Graphic Interfacing PLCs

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Restricted Elective

Programming and using graphics for touch-screen technology, and how to program symbolically for reusable ladder development. Includes use of software (C’More ™) to create human machine interface (HMI/MMI) technologies, object-oriented animated graphics, and enhanced trending, alarming, derived tag creation and event detection.

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics

  1. PLC Graphics Overview
  2. MMI and HMI interface processes
  3. Elements of drag-and-drop
  4. The "relaxed" editor
  5. Programming symbolically for reusable ladder development
  6. Object-oriented animated graphics
  7. Touch screen animated graphics
  8. Building trend profiles
  9. Developing alarms
  10. Derived tag creation and event detection
  11. This course focus on the C’More ™ brand of HMIs