METR 210: Introduction to Weather & Climate

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Natural Science with Lab

Explore Earth's atmosphere and the factors that determine weather, seasons and climate. Practice measuring and forecasting the weather. Learn to read weather maps, identify clouds, and understand the causes and consequences of extreme storms. Includes laboratory.

Grading Basis

MATH 93 or higher

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics

Weather; measuring weather elements; temperature; heat; heat transfer; electromagnetic radiation; convection; water phase changes; latent heat; water vapor saturation; dew point; humidity; clouds; fog; precipitation; atmospheric stability and instability; atmospheric pressure; partial pressure; pressure gradient force; Coriolis effect; wind direction; air masses; global air circulation; regional and local winds; weather fronts; midlatitude cyclones; anticyclones, ridges; troughs; weather maps; weather forecasting; thunderstorms; lightning; tornadoes, hurricanes; climate; climate controls; world climate zones; greenhouse gas; global climate models; climate change.