PSYC& 100: General Psychology

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Social Science

Offers an overview of psychology as a scientific study. Theories and research findings concerning many major branches of psychology will be examined. Application of psychology concepts to school, family, work and other life settings will be taught and discussed. Critical thinking about psychology concepts will be emphasized.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics

Outcome goals are aligned to the American Psychological Association recommendations for introductory psychology courses. The course will cover the following:


  1. The scientific method and research methods as underlying understanding of psychology
    1. Some experience with research within the class
  2. At least one topic from each of the five pillars identified by APA. Additional topics may be selected and covered. Topics that must be included at WVC are in bold.
    1. Biological – neuropsychology, sensation, consciousness, motivation
    2. Cognitive – cognition, memory, perception
    3. Developmental- learning, human development, language
    4. Social and Personality- social, personality, intelligence, multicultural, gender, emotion
    5. Mental and Physical Health – abnormal psychology, therapies, health and stress
  3. Integration of different topics into an organized whole and showing how topics interrelate
  4. Cross cutting themes in modern psychology
    1. Cultural and social diversity
    2. Ethics
    3. Variations in Human Functioning
    4. Applications showing how psychology relates to everyday life and can help solve societal problems

Guidelines are adapted from:

American Psychological Association. (2014). Strengthening the common core of the introductory psychology course. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, Board of Educational Affairs. Retrieved from