PSYC 215: Psychology of Sport

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Social Science

Examines the major psychology theories related to sport. A broad overview of topics including the history of sports psychology, personality and motivation, leadership, gender and cultural issues, team dynamics and psychological skills training will be covered. Current topics and issues relevant to sport psychology will be explored.

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Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Origins of Sport Psychology-introduction and historical perspective
  2. Personality and the Athlete
  3. Anxiety and Arousal in Sport- including adjustment strategies
  4. Motivation and Self-Confidence in Sport-including goal setting
  5. Social Psychology of Sport-including audience effects
  6. Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention in Sport-including imagery and mental practice
  7. Team Dynamics, Leadership and Cohesion
  8. Addictive and Unhealthy Behaviors- including overtraining, eating disorders, drug use
  9. Gender differences in sport
  10. Aggression and Violence in Sport
  11. Burnout and the Psychology of Injury- including psychological predictors