SPAN 233: Spanish for Heritage Learners III

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Continued development of Heritage Spanish language skills learned at home and/or in the community. Expands on SPAN 232 by emphasizing reading and writing at higher levels, and discussion of theoretical ideas as a means of fostering critical thinking. Reviews challenging grammar structures in preparation for upper level courses.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  1. Read and derive meaning from a variety of materials written in Spanish.
  2. Summarize and synthesize facts and concepts within and across texts at literal and inferential levels.
  3. Apply literal and inferential comprehension strategies to a variety of genres and texts.
  4. Respond to ambiguities, nuances, and complexities in written work.
  5. Use reading and writing to define a problem, evaluate options, and propose a solution.
  6. Strengthen the understanding and use of major concepts of Spanish grammar including grammatical tenses, the subjunctive, pronominal verbs, passive forms, prepositions, and subordination, among other grammatical points within a text.
  7. Read historical documents, texts, literature, and poetry and describe how these reveal cultural context and practices.