GERM& 123: German III

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Continuation of German II. Increased use of German as the language of instruction. Background in grammatical terminology is recommended. Courses should be taken in sequence.

Grading Basis

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  • The simple past. Als, wenn, and wann.
  • The past perfect. History and politics.
  • Adjectival nouns. Adjectives of indefinite number. Reflexive verbs.
  • The personal. Proper nouns.
  • Techniques for class reports. Comparison. Relative clauses.
  • The uses of lassen. Mal and was für. Parts of the body. Irgend. Review. Switzerland. Verbs with prepositional complements. Pronouns as objects of prepositions. The future tense.
  • Past participles as adjectives. Clichés and idioms.
  • Austria. The present subjunctive.
  • The past subjunctive. The passive voice.
  • Present participles. Verbs of thinking. Hin and her. Guest workers. Germans in non-German-speaking countries.
  • Women in the German-speaking world. Impersonal passives. Subjective uses of modal verbs.
  • Indirect quotations. The sequence of tenses. Extended modifiers.
  • Various readings. Review.