NUTR 107: Nutrition In Healthcare III

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Meets Degree Requirements For
Natural Science

Review of the fundamental principles of nutrition, and discussion of basic nutritional requirements. The healthcare professional's role in the dietary management of alterations in digestive function, and care of the client with acute/chronic illness. Content is integrated with NURS 103.

Grading Basis

Acceptance to Nursing Program

Course Learning Outcomes

Core Topics


  • Diet as a therapy in health problems: obesity, malnutrition, chronic disease
  • National and healthcare resources related to problems of nutrition
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Malnutrition in institutionalized clients
  • The use of tube feeding, TPN and supplemental nutrition (Ensure, high calorie/vitamin fluids) to provide nutrition for hospitalized clients
  • Role of healthcare professional with special diets and nutritional support of:
    • Renal disorders
    • Enteral, parenteral nutrition
    • Cultural, ethnic and religious influences
  • Client education regarding disease process, nutrition and pharmacologic interventions